Reality Meets Fiction

When imagination meets technology, magic happens.

Take your brand to the next level with cutting-edge 3d and 4d holographic displays. Get the complete package, including hologram displays custom-made for your product and access to our latest innovations, including holographic projectors and 4d holographic displays. All this comes with dedicated ongoing support from Australia’s holographic display specialists.

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Holographic Displays that Grab Attention

For an instant ‘stop and wonder’ effect, think digital hologram technology. For hologram projectors in Australia and NZ, think Realvision. Make your mark at events and transform your retail setting with digital holographic displays. Our 3d pos display units and custom-made holographic displays are impossible to pass by, helping to drive sales and create a viral word-of-mouth effect.

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Introducing Dreamoc HD3

3d holographic displays are finally within your reach. More features, better quality, lower price. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Meet the Dreamoc 3D, our flagship holographic display. Amaze your customers and attendees with one of the most life-like 3D holographic displays ever made. Our bestselling display just got even better.

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End To End Solution

The mark of truly great technology is simplicity.

The holographic 3d displays we provide are designed with truly “plug and play” technology. Incredibly easy to set up in store or at events, our hologram displays are powered by animations that can be created with any standard 3D modelling software. Unleash your imagination while finding inspiration and help in our support section, which contains tutorial videos and user manuals as well as access to our technical support team.

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Proud Supplier to brands all over the world

“It was incredible to see the stop-effect the display created, and even more incredible to see how much our sales actually increased”

Ricky Overeem / The International Food Manager in Magasin

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